2014 4th of July weekend box office worst in decades

Independence Day’s weekend box office was lower than it has been in decades.

Summer blockbusters typically score loads of money, and the biggest weekend of the summer is the Fourth of July weekend. This year the box office simply did not stack up. According to Box Office Mojo’s weekend chart, Transformers: Age of Extinction earned an estimate of $36,400,000, compared to last year’s number one, Despicable Me 2, which earned $83, 517, 315.

The reasons this year’s box office could be behind could be due to the fourth being on a Friday, giving adults only one weekend night off compared to last year’s two nights. Another reason could be the on-going world cup, or simply because the films out currently are weak.

According to The New York Times, this is the worst Fourth of July weekend box office winnings in a decade.

Movies that were released this weekend include Melissa McCarthy’s Tammy, Eric Bana’s Deliver Us From Evil, and kid’s movie Earth to Echo. Tammy came in number two at the box office, making $21,00,000, and Deliver Us From Evil was third with only $9,500,000. This is compared to last year’s The Lone Ranger, which came in second with an epic $29,210,849, and The Heat, which came in third with a whopping $24,763,907.

Hopefully next summer’s releases will be better received. With the Magic Mike sequel being released summer of 2015, it is highly likely the box office will do better.

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