Adam Richman's new Travel Channel show pulled after controversial Instagram remarks, he issues apology

Adam Richman, the former host of Man vs. Food, has had his new Travel Channel show pulled, following his controversial Instagram remarks and expletive-laced argument with other users. Richman later issued an apology, but there is no word on when Man Finds Food will finally air.

The controversy started earlier this month. Richman had boasted about his weight loss in interviews and on Instagram. Richman, who now has his Instagram profile private, wrote in one comment, “Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little…” with the hashtag “#thinspiration.”

According to The Washington Post, that was the hashtag that got him in trouble. In an XOJane post, writer Amber Sarah covered the fight between Richman and a friend of hers who took offense to the word. While Richman could have apologized for using it, he instead lashed out, writing at one point, “DILLIGAF” (Do I Look Like I Give A F**k).

Others also commented during the conversation and it continued to get worse for Richman. He did apparently apologize on Instagram, but his profile is now private.

The official Man Finds Food Facebook page later announced that the show was pulled from the Travel Channel’s schedule. It was supposed to premiere tomorrow. The network did not issue any further comments.

Richman later sent an apology to Good Morning America, calling his words “inexcusable.”

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