Amazon offers new service, 'all you can read' monthly subscription

Much like the ever-popular Netflix service, which offers unlimited shows and movies to users at $7.99 a month, Amazon has announced a new service called Kindle Unlimited, which gives users free access to over 600,000 books and thousands of of audiobooks through Amazon.

According to The New Zealand Herald, the service would be $9.99 a month, and those with a Kindle app or the Kindle itself will be able to download certain books at no additional cost. These books will have a logo in the corner, distinguishing them from others.

Although the books are only available as long as the customer has a Kindle Unlimited subscription, but users will have more access to a wider range of titles and more audiobooks as compared to Amazon's other e-book service. The serivce, Kindle Owners Lending Library, is only available to Prime members, reports Business Insider.

Most popular titles and new releases will not be available through Kindle Unlimited because of contract negotiations and disagreements with publishers, Amazon has promised that there will be more releases as the service continues to grow and more customers join.

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