Belly Armor

In a world where our laptops, cell phones and tablets are literally "attached to our hip" Belly Armor is the perfect defense for mommies to be! The risk of the radiation being emitted from cell phones and wi-fi have biological consequences. Studies show a correlation in areas such as cellular growth, neurology and DNA replication. Of course exposure is related to the strength of the radiation, how long you are exposed and how close you are to the source. Sources include laptops, wireless devices and even wifi/cell towers.
Belly Armor works like this: simply place the comfy blanket between yourself and the source of the radiation. Belly Armor contains "Radiashield"fabric which is a "conductive silver textile" that quite literally "neutralizes the electromagnetic waves" both reducing your exposure and cancelling the radiation. It has been proven 99% effective in studies and since its super soft anyhow and completely portable (throw in any bag on the go) why not simply reduce your exposure and use this blanket instead. As a person who uses their laptop all day long (at night on the couch) I have been using the blanket anyhow as a precaution and my kids are 8 and 6!
The Belly Armor Blanket comes in 3 designs and retails for $79.00. Their LUXE model retails for $109.00. Other available items include the Belly Tee ($59.00) and the Belly Band ($59.00). For more information please visit You can also find them on Facebook ( The company donates a portion of their proceeds towards women's pre-natal health programs!

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