Bob Warden's 'Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes'

Author Bob Warden, known for his work with television network QVC has written about a dozen cookbooks and assisted in developing many cooking products. Warden has changed our ways of pressure cooking (Great Food Fast and Slow Food Fast) and has now tried his hand at revolutionizing the world of slow cooking as well! Warden proves that you do NOT have to sacrifice flavor for a quick fix meal and provides us with over 100 recipes in tons of food categories. You simply MUST try his Pizza Dip for your next party. 10 ingredients (most of which you always have in your house) and in 2 hours on low you have yourself the biggest crowd pleaser since pigs in the blanket! I broke my "no chili in warm weather" rule and made Warden's "All Day Chili", which after 8 hours was simply delicious (the recipe calls or Cornmeal which I am so happy to have included! Such a yummy addition!). My first act of fall will be trying the "Autumn Turkey Chili" which includes canned pumpkin. I can't wait!
My children LOVED the "Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese"; Warden's addition of evaporated milk makes the dish so creamy and fantastic! For the meat lover DEFINITELY try the "Traditional Beef Stroganoff"; 8 hours to a warm and hearty meal. The "Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf" was so delicious there was not even an ounce of left overs. I'm pretty sure the fact that it was stuffed with zucchini and cubed cheddar had something to do with it. Warden's "Bacon and Apple Stuffed Pork" is simply one of the yummiest entree's I've ever prepared. Filled with bacon, apple, onion, sage and garlic, you roll the thin loin like a pinwheel and stuff in the slow cooker. Within two hours my house smelled AMAZING! Finally, I ended my last ladies night with the "Peanut Butter Cup Bread Pudding" and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. It was unique and the perfect combo of salty and sweet. (I'm with the author: use a sturdy French bread).
This book is a must in any cooking enthusiast's collection; for more information please visit You can purchase this MUST HAVE edition on, and

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