Celebrity diet tricks: Which ones should we believe?

In today’s culture, we are constantly trying to stay fit. We abide by the mantra “thin is in.” Whether we’re seeking the infamous thigh gap, the flat stomach, or Cameron Diaz’s killer arms, we are always trying to change our bodies so that they fit into the socially constructed ideal of beauty.

Many of us have gone to extremes in our attempts to drop a few pounds. We’re all guilty of it. You’re searching the web, and you see a pop up with big bold letters saying “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS!” Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to lose ten pounds in ten days? So, you click on the pop up. You read a little about it, and before you know it you’re in your car, driving to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for whatever concoction guarantees that you lose those ten pounds.

When it comes to losing weight, people are willing to go to great lengths. Think about all the bizarre diets you’ve heard of. We’ve been told to cheers with shots of vinegar before every meal. Yuck! We’ve heard of consuming cotton balls to make ourselves feel full. Huh? We’ve even seen people spend weeks consuming only liquids, made of the oddest combinations of ingredients. What the heck?

Frankly, these diet tricks sound absurd. How do people live this way? Food is such a central part of our lives and our culture, how can one change the foods they consume so drastically? But what happens when these diet tricks gain support from celebrities? The game totally changes. No matter how bizarre the diet may seem, if we see Beyonce backing it up, we’re bound to believe it, and we’re that much more likely to try it out.

We all want to look like celebrities, right? We long for Kim Kardashian’s curves, Jennifer Anniston’s legs, or Adriana Lima’s washboard stomach. So, it is only natural for us to believe in their diet tricks, and try and live by them so that we can attain the bodies that they have. But can we really be sure that these tips and tricks are effective? Just because they are backed by a celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy. While some of them are reasonable, effective tricks, many are simply irrational and ineffective.

A word to the wise: don’t listen to everything celebrities say. We’ve cracked the code on which celebrity diets are wise to follow, and which ones shouldn’t be attempted by anyone!

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Megan Fox: The Vinegar Diet

28-year-old actress Megan Fox is well known for her particularly striking physique. Her slender body is seen in lingerie ads across the world for Armani. She is the desire of countless men, and the envy of many women. So, what’s her secret?

Fox swears by one special ingredient: vinegar. OK Magazine reports that Fox said, “I’m not one for dieting or exercising, because I'm lazy and I have a really big sweet tooth, so I have to do cleanses every once in a while 'cause of the amount of sugar I take in." Every morning, Fox drinks a cocktail of water and apple cider vinegar. Fox also said, “It just cleanses out your system entirely. It will get rid of...for women who retain water weight from your menstrual cycle and all that... it gets rid of it really fast.

What do we think? Does vinegar, itself, actually aid is weight loss? The answer is no. Lemondrop reports that dietician Lucy Jones says, “The body, including the liver, is a well-oiled detoxing machine, which will not be improved by vinegar, whether it be organic, apple cider, unfiltered, or your bog-standard malt vinegar.”

In fact, taking vinegar alone daily can be quite risky. Since it is extremely acidic, vinegar can cause irritation to your throat and stomach. In addition, it can be very damaging to tooth enamel.

Although vinegar, itself, is not a weight loss solution, it is a low-calorie way to add flavor to any diet plan. It contains just three calories per tablespoon, and can be added to salads, sandwiches and sauces to add some tang to our food. While Megan Fox sips on her vinegar cocktail, we’ll stick to some simple salad dressings.

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Reese Witherspoon: The Baby Food Diet

As babies and toddlers, we were all fed baby food. We enjoyed mushy concoctions of pureed squash, peas, pears, and/or mashed banana day in and day out. Who knows, we may have even enjoyed it. But for most of us, as soon as our baby teeth arrived, we ditched those little jars of mashed up who-knows-what, and graduated to solid foods…most of us.

However, celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga have continued to feast on baby foods well into their adult lives, in an attempt to shed some pounds. Created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, this fad is known as the Baby Food Diet. It requires eating baby food throughout the day, with an option to have a wholesome adult meal for dinner.

Since jars of baby food range in caloric value from 20 to 100 calories, the idea is that the small portions will force you to eat smaller meals, drastically decreasing your caloric intake.

So, what’s the verdict? Is the baby food diet worth a try? The answer is no. Replacing meals with baby food could result in taking in a dangerously low amount of calories, resulting in a nutritional imbalance. Also, the low caloric value of baby food can often leave you hungry after eating a “meal” of it.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages us to ask ourselves one very important question before trying any new diet. We should ask ourselves, “Can I picture myself eating this way forever?” If the answer is “no,” the diet will not work for you, because it will simply be a short-term fad. Can you honestly picture yourself living off of baby food for the rest of your life? The answer is likely no.

It is important to be rational when trying to live a healthier life. Pick a lifestyle that you can not just maintain, but that you can enjoy as well. A great way to be healthier is simply to consume healthy, wholesome foods, with treats in moderation, and exercising regularly. Ditch the baby food, and sit at the adult table with delicious, whole foods that will keep you full and happy.

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Jennifer Anniston: Lemon Juice

Not only do we know Jennifer Anniston for her roles in all the romantic comedies we love, but we also know her for her rockin’ bod. Her petite figure has been seen on countless magazine covers and ads, and women everywhere are dying to know her secret. It’s lemon juice!

Every morning, Jen drinks a glass of freshly-squeeze lemon juice. She swears by it. She says it rids her body of waste and toxins and keeps her feeling great. However, it’s important to consider all the aspects of Jen’s lifestyle. She follows a healthy diet with no processed foods, and exercises daily.

So what’s the verdict, can lemon juice really help us slim down? If we’re talking about just the lemon juice itself, the answer is no. There is no magic element in lemons that can help us shred pounds. However, a lemon certainly does have several health benefits. It hydrates, detoxifies, and oxygenates the body, making you feel revitalized and refreshed. Following a healthy lifestyle, similar to Jen’s, and drinking a glass of fresh lemon juice every morning can certainly help rid the body of toxins, and trim that pesky waistline.

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Today’s society puts immense pressure on women to look a certain way. “Thin is in” has been the mantra of countless women’s lives. Women will often do whatever it takes to get the body they desire, and that sometimes means doing some pretty bizarre things.

Our desire to look like certain models and celebrities leads us to trust their dieting secrets. However, we must be careful in the methods we choose to follow, for not all celebrities use the wisest strategies. What’s most important is to create a healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy. Ask for a side salad instead of fries. Try the turkey burger rather than the beef burger. Have water with dinner instead of soda. It’s little habits like these that will lead us toward a healthier life. There is no magic pill or potion that will grant you a lifetime of health. Just do your best. And always remember that you are beautiful at any size.

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