Columbus Short talks public intoxication charge, impending divorce

Columbus Short opened up on Monday about his struggles over the past few months, explaining away the recent arrest and noting that his wife has continued to move towards divorce.

Short, who is also dealing with a lawsuit on top of everything else, sat down with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush to open up about recent issues, such as his Friday night arrest.

The former Scandal star was arrested for public intoxication. The issue allegedly started when he tried to leave without paying his tab, and was unhappy, to say the least, when a bouncer attempted to talk to him.

He accused them of being racist and police were called, with one onlooker describing Short's behavior as "like a dog with a bone who wouldn't let go."

Short said that isn't how the situation went down, rather he simply tried to break up a fight with a group of people he was with, who got into it with bouncers while he was in the bathroom. "There was no fight. I was involved in no fight."

He was willing to admit that perhaps he used some inappropriate language after he says he was mistakenly arrested. "I said some pretty choice words [when] I was already in cuffs."

Asked about the situation with his wife, Short acknowledged that Tanee Short is moving ahead with the divorce, but said he was not physical with her like she has claimed. "I've never put my hands on a woman physically, I was raised by a woman."

Things began going downhill for the TV actor back in late March when he got into it at a bar with a patron, whom he allegedly sucker punched. He was grabbed by police and charged with felony battery charge.

Then Tanee accused Short of domestic violence with a knife and had a restraining order granted.

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