Dakota Fanning talks childhood fame

Dakota Fanning has been acting since the age of two. Now 20 years old, the veteran starlet has opened up about what it has been like living in the spotlight for her entire life.

In a new interview with Town and Country Magazine, Fanning spoke about her life as an NYU student and as a Hollywood household name. Of her growing up, she recognizes that the normal girl/famous figure dichotomy was a hard line to walk. "It's very interesting to grow up with half a Southern mind-set and half a California mind-set," remarked Fanning. “Like going to high school in Los Angeles and living in New York City and going to NYU,” she said.

But the young star claimed that her family has been largely responsible for keeping her grounded in the face of her continual fame. “…But having a family that was very traditional. I credit my family pretty much with everything—and especially my mom. “ Her family’s tight unit has seemingly kept her out of the sinkhole that is young Hollywood stardom, allowing her to avoid messy public relationships, notorious wardrobe malfunctions and monthly visits to a rehab center.

When asked about what it is like having people spot her on the street, she gave a surprisingly frank answer: just because we’ve seen Fanning in movies does not mean we know her outside of her work. "I'm super-happy that you've enjoyed watching me grow up. That's cool," she shrugged. "Because people saw me grow up, there's this weird sort of ownership that they feel for me and that is…difficult. Because it's not real; it's in their minds."

Dakota stars in a new independent film alongside Elizabeth Olsen titled Very Good Girls, which deals with two best friends looking to lose their virginity prior to leaving for college.

Image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com

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