Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn't know who UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is

When asked in a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not know whom UFC fighter Ronda Rousey was.

Mayweather at first thought the interviewer was talking about a man because his response to the question was he “Didn’t know who he is.” After he said what he said, Mayweather was confused and shrugged his shoulders saying he really did not who Rousey was.

Rousey has said she would win against Mayweather in a no-holds bared MMA-style street fight, and UFC president Dana White concurs Rousey’s beliefs, reports ESPN.

What White has said about Rousey is she, “Wins that fight and hurts him badly." It would be an entertaining fight because Mayweather is a boxer, not an MMA-style fighter.

That kind of fight is not something Mayweather would be accustomed to. He has been trained only to use his hands not his whole entire body. And the battle between man and women would be a draw as well.

Mayweather is fighting his next bout on September 13 in Las Vegas against Marcos Maidana. It will be a highly anticipated rematch. The undefeated boxer is getting closer to Rocky Marciano’s of 49 wins and zero losses, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Mayweather’s all-time record is 46 wins and zero losses, so he would need to win four more fights in a row to surpass the legendary fighter Marciano. Mayweather has said if the price was right for win number 50 he would not rule it out.

“If the price is right for No. 50, it’s possible. We can’t say what the future is," Mayweather stated.

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