Foster Farms recalls chicken after salmonella outbreak

Foster Farms is calling for the recall of chickens due to an outbreak of Salmonella.

According to Turlock City News, the recall affects products that have the numbers P6137, P6137A or P7632 where the USDA’s inspection label is placed on the product.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service worked with the Center for Disease Control in order to find out which chicken product had been linked to an outbreak of the Salmonella illness.

Salmonellosis, which can be caused from eating food that has Salmonella in it, includes symptoms such as abdominal cramping, diarrhea and fever.

NBC News reported many of the affected products were produced in March. The Salmonella outbreak has been ongoing since March of last year, even though Foster Farms had reportedly decreased the level of Salmonella in three of their plants in California.

Since the date of the chicken was back in March, most individuals won’t find them on the shelves, but they could be in people’s freezers. The best buy dates on the chicken were reportedly between the 16th and 29th of March.

The FSIS said before the recent illness, there hadn’t been a direct link found between the outbreak of Salmonella and the Foster Farms chicken products.

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