Gentleman Jake - 'Shambolic Nation' album review

Gentleman Jake has many titles when it comes to his role in the music industry, he is known as a performer, entertainer and singer/songwriter. Gentleman Jack has become famous for his musical skills and through a variety of television appearances, club tours and how he utilizes the media.

Even though Gentleman Jack is known for his over the top appearances, he focuses on the music when it comes to his recent releases Shambolic Nation. Nation features the unique vocal styling and arrangement that fans have become used to hearing from Gentleman Jack but it is the instrumentals that really help to give this album a different perspective compared to other singer/songwriter albums that are currently on the charts.

It is fun for fans to hear throwback references in a variety of songs on the album like "Boots" which samples, "These Boots Were Made for Walking." This is just another example of how Gentleman Jack is focusing on creating a great album musically but is also having fun when he put together this album.

The songs do feel like singles compared to an overall album that flows into every song but overall, it is a fun listening experience for fans who like singer/songwriter music.

For fans looking for a more modern take from Gentleman Jack, they should check out the recent remix of the single, "Poke." This was a dance-rock collaboration that featured Arthur Baker and has been impressing in both the rock and dance scenes. This collaboration showcases the musical stylings of Gentleman Jack and takes his music to a more modern and EDM influenced level.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Boots," "I Don't Care" and "Memories Gone."

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