Indian boy has 232 teeth removed

A seven-hour surgery left one young Indian boy with 232 less teeth, and doctors with an astonishing amount of medical firsts. The young boy developed swelling on the right side of his face roughly 18 months ago. Fearing it was cancer, the boy's parents took him to a specialist. It was on the surgery table that the truth was revealed.

According to WWLTV Eyewitness News, 17-year-old Ashik Gavai is recovering in his home now after having 232 teeth and various fragments of "marble" removed from the right side of his jaw.

The boy developed a benign tumor on the right side of his jaw, which his parents originally feared was cancer. The swelling began to develop severe pain for Gavai, and that was when emergency surgery was scheduled and the truth was revealed.

Gavai developed a rare condition called Complex Odontoma, reports Dumb Out News, which is when a tumor forms with randomized growths that look much like teeth in the jawline. This problem most often affects teenagers, but the previous number of removed "teeth" was only 37 - roughly 15 percent of what Gavai had.

The odontomas inside of the tumor are composed of dentin, enamel, and pulp tissue. They can become very painful, and possibly break the healthy jaw of whomever is plagued with the condition and does not follow through with surgery.

Gavai's doctors believe that this was a new world record, and wish to submit their findings into the Guinness Book of World Records. Gavai is resting at home, and there appears to be no complications with his surgery.

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