Injuries reported after Philadelphia food truck explodes

Twelve people have been injured after a food truck in Philadelphia exploded.

According to USA Today, the Mexican food truck, the La Parrillada Chapina truck, was in the Feltonville area when an explosion occurred around 5:30 pm. It appears a propane tank inside the vehicle exploded, causing two women to suffer burns on their bodies.

One man reportedly suffered minor burns while other victims went to hospitals with minor injuries.

According to CBS Philly, witnesses reported that when the explosion occurred, parts of the explosion, as well as the propane tank, were sent flying across the street. While the investigation is still ongoing, Philadelphia Police’s Chief Inspector, Scott Small, reportedly said, “It appears, preliminarily, that the cause of the explosion was a propane tank.”

NBC 10 reported one victim who has since been released from the hospital, Latoya Page, has first degree burns and she reportedly said, “I turned around and saw the fire coming toward me. I fell, got back up and started running again.”

One witness said he wouldn’t be able to forget the sounds he heard, which were the screams of the victims.

According to police, the individuals inside the truck were a mother and daughter.

The propane tank landed in someone’s backyard, which investigators now consider to be a crime scene, and police are investigate with the bomb squad and fire marshal.

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