James Franco sued over upcoming Charles Bukowski movie

Among the seemingly thousands of projects that actor/writer/director/author/professor/etc. James Franco is working on at the moment is a biography of the author Charles Bukowski, titled, naturally, Bukowski. While Franco is already supposed to have the movie in the can, a new legal suit being pushed at him may cause the release of the movie to be a little ways away.

According to Cinema Blend, author Cyril Humphris is the one suing the filmmaker. His biography, titled Ham on Rye, is said to be the work which the movie is based upon. However, while Franco optioned the rights to the book back in 2009, nothing became of it, and the rights allegedly expired a year later. But, low and behold, it's now been a couple of years and a Bukowski movie under Franco's hand is on the way.

The original report states that Franco has not yet responded to the allegations publicly. Although, according to Daily Mail, Franco has asked that the judge to throw out the case. For Franco has, apparently, filed legal documents claiming that Bukowski is actually based on the Charles' writing, meaning that it has nothing to do with Humphris' biography.

More about this case and this film should become public in due time. If nothing does become of the legal case, however, expect to see Franco's latest movie sooner than later.

This marks just one movie involving Franco that has caused controversy of late, as The Interview, the upcoming Seth Rogen film that he is co-starring in, has caused North Korea to call it "an act of war," and threatening the U.S. government from releasing the movie into theaters.

Unless North Korea has it way, expect to see Franco in The Interview in theaters on October 10, 2014. But that's not all, of course, as he was just seen in Palo Alto(based on his book of the same name), Veronica Mars and Third Person earlier this year, and will soon be seen in such movies as Good People, True Story, Queen of the Desert, Yosemite, Every Thing Will Be Fine and Memoria sometime either this year or next.

He also has other projects that he is involved in as a director and star, or just director, as well, including Child of God, The Sound and the Fury, Metamorphis: Junior Year and Black Dog, Red Dog, in addition to Bukowski, coming to theaters and film festivals either this year or next as well. Is it possible that there are either two James Francos, or that he just never sleeps?

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