Jason Biggs jokes about Malaysia Airlines flight, some Twitters users think it's too soon

Jason Biggs is using his humor to respond to the second Malaysia Airlines tragedy but some Twitter users are clearly not amused. Their criticism prompted the American Pie actor to call those people “losers.”

After news broke on Thursday that a passenger plane was shot down over the Ukraine, the world was shocked.

Biggs took to Twitter right away to start joking about the incident, writing, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?”

He followed up, “In all seriousness, tho- HOW DO YOU MISTAKENLY SHOOT DOWN A COMMERCIAL PLANE?! Ugh.”

Many took offense to his jokes, saying it was too soon to joke about such a tragedy. Biggs was quick to defend himself, writing “Hey all you ‘too soon’ a--holes- it's a f--king joke. You don't have to think it's funny, or even be on my twitter page at all,” adding, “The idea that I wouldnt have any empathy 4 the victims or their families because I make a joke is absolutely ridiculous. U know that, right? Truly- you losers are literally trying to find sh-t to get angry about. Channel your issues elsewhere.”

Biggs then went on a retweeting spree, retweeting messages from his supports that agree with him.

This isn’t the first time Biggs has offended Twitter users by joking about a tragedy too soon. He made headlines in May when it was revealed a Bachelorette contestant, Eric Hill, had tragically died.

"Crazy rule change -- instead of voting off the contestants, this season #TheBachelorette gets to kill them off,” he wrote at the time.

image via INFphoto.com

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