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'Jennifer Falls' Recap - 'Staycation'

On this week's episode of Jennifer Falls, Jennifer made good on her promise to Gretchen about a vacation to Bora Bora. The only problem was it had to be a staycation since the two women weren't rich anymore. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Wayne got wrapped up in a major fight over Wayne giving Jennifer the weekend off for her surprise to Gretchen.

Jennifer and Dina were at the bar discussing Jennifer's plan to surprise Gretchen with a 'staycation' to backyard Bora Bora. She told her the details of how when she was rich, she promised Gretchen they would actually go to Bora Bora if she did well in school. She now wanted to make it up to her daughter since their lives were uprooted when she lost her job. Dina commented on how desperate Jennifer was, but also stated she was a good mom.

The problem with the 'staycation' idea is Jennifer needed the weekend off. Rather than go to Stephanie, she went to Wayne because he could easily be taken advantage of. While she distracted her sister-in-law with a shirtless man outside, Jennifer was able to convince Wayne to give her the time off.

Jennifer and Gretchen spoke in Gretchen's room about what a wonderful idea the 'staycation' was. Through the use of coconut cocktails and hair braiding, Gretchen reluctantly agreed to her mother's plan.

To get the ball rolling on her surprise for Gretchen, Jennifer stopped at the bar to pick up her paycheck. Stephanie was busy with a big box, but attempted to give it to Jennifer. She informed her she was "off the clock," surprising Stephanie. She was shocked Wayne went behind her back because now Sad Megan had to cover the busy weekend shift.

Jennifer returned home to get started on preparations for the 'staycation.' She had a crock pot full of roast pig and sliced up fruits for cocktails. Dina dropped by with the inflatable palm trees and hinted at wanting to go on the 'staycation.' Jennifer didn't want her to intrude, but Gretchen wanted "fun almost-Aunt Dina" to join them. Dina still wanted to go, despite Jennifer promising a "drunken ho road trip" for just the two of them.

While setting things up outside, Jennifer got a call to interview with a major company. She direct-addressed the audience about things coming up at the most inopportune times. Rather than tell her daughter and Dina, she tried to juggle everything including Wayne's depressive nature. He dunked himself in the pool as a result of his fight with Stephanie, stressing Jennifer out even more.

The party started to liven up though once Wayne arrived. Jennifer asked Wayne to leave, but he refused, blaming her for his fight with Stephanie. After leaving tattletale messages for their mom on her phone, Jennifer went down to the bar where Stephanie was serving beer to patrons who wanted other drinks. Stephanie said she would make up with Wayne if he admitted he was wrong. Jennifer had an idea to text message an apology to Stephanie from her brother's phone.

In the kitchen, Dina caught Gretchen sneaking alcohol into her cocktails. Gretchen begged her not to tell Jennifer, but Dina was unsure. Caught up in an internal conflict of being "cool almost-Aunt Dina" or "narky almost-Aunt Dina," Dina decided not to squeal on Gretchen as she reminisced on the fun times she and Jennifer had when they were younger.

In an attempt to get back on top, Jennifer got caught up in interviews throughout the day, making her miss the party, and Gretchen leaving. Dina was asleep and Gretchen left for a party when Jennifer finally returned. She realized she must be a mother first and ditched her interview to pick up her daughter.

Stephanie arrived, full of love for Wayne. She accepted Wayne's apology, confusing him. They eventually made up over their mutual anger of Jennifer causing them to fight. Jennifer was blocked in the driveway by Stephanie's car, so she took her car because she was already mad. When Jennifer picked up a drunk Gretchen, she finally got the mother-daughter bonding moment she worked hard for all day. They went back to the house to finish the luau with Wayne and Stephanie. They discussed Switzerland as their next 'nonvacation.'

This episode really went into the back-story of Jennifer and Gretchen's relationship. Gretchen was tired of her mother disappointing her when they were rich, and that happened when Jennifer got sucked into interview after interview during their 'staycation.' It's nice that they finally bonded even though Gretchen was drunk. "almost-Aunt Dina's" role in the episode was funny too with tagging along on Jennifer and Gretchen's bonding time.

Quote of the week: "Bring me back a treat...when people leave I like it when they bring me back a treat," Dina when Jennifer asked her to watch Gretchen while she went on her interview.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com

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