Jillian Michaels says there were 'fundamental differences' between her and 'Biggest Loser'

Jillian Michaels announced this summer that she will not be returning to NBC’s long-running weight loss competition The Biggest Loser again. It is her third time leaving the show and the fitness trainer explained the reasons behind the decision in a new interview.

NBC and Michaels confirmed that she is leaving last month, but there were no further comments from either side. Michaels finally sat down with People magazine to explain that she just doesn’t agree with the show’s producers any longer.

“There were some fundamental differences [with Loser's producers] that have existed for a while,” she told the magazine. She further explained that the show began to focus more on the “tough” part of her “tough love” system.

“You saw none of the relationships, none of the bonds that I build with my clients,” she said.

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That portrayal has created a “warped negative perception of me” and she claims that it has even affected her life with partner Heidi Rhoades and their children; Phoenix, 2; and adopted daughter Lukensia, 4.

Michaels’ departure follows one of the show’s more controversial seasons. She said publicly that the winner, Rachel Frederickson, lost too much weight on the show.

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