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Joe Moorehead 'Tides are Rising' album review

Joe Moorehead has released their latest album Tides Are Rising and the band's beach loving, relaxed music ways help to translate the listening audience to a tropical paradise while going track by track through Tides Are Rising. Joe Moorehead is comprised of Moorehead himself, Jon Morrow on electric guitar, Tyler Lovell on bass and J. Banks on drums.

This is the third album from Joe Moorehead and it shows that as a group the band has matured in their musical sound and is embracing different influences that really help to bring this reggae, relaxed feel to life in a way that feels refreshed and not overplayed.

The use of guitars throughout the album help to create a common thread that makes this sound rooted in rock music but the other instruments help to bring out the strong reggae tempo that can be found on tracks like "The Stars" and "Bright Lights."

The group has some strong musical influences that come through on the record. At times it feels like Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews could have had their input on Tides Are Rising. Moorehead focus on creating a strong musical sound with instrumentals that help to frame his refreshing and laid back lyrics.

The overall feel of the album is calm and starts off slow and slowly builds on each track with different instrumental layers. Each single helps to lead into the next one and create an overall atmosphere of beach, relaxed living.

Stand out tracks on the album including, "Drinks in our Hands," "Old Soul" and "Blue."

For fans looking to relax this summer and have some calming music in the background that has heart and emotion, Tides are Rising is a must have album.

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