Justin Power Products

There's no excuse for not having any power to your smartphone or tablet. Justin Power Products has everything you need to stay connected even if you're nowhere near an electrical outlet.

The Power Bank with Built-In Stand has a built-in stand for video chatting and watching movies while you recharge. Compact and portable, it quickly recharges all USB devices via a universal 2.1A USB connection. There's no guessing the power level, either. Four LED lights clearly indicate the internal battery's power level.

The Round Power Stick is small yet amazingly powerful. You can recharge your phone from completely drained to fully charged in unbelievingly quick time. Small and lightweight by the design, it's perfect for charging when you're on the go. It features a built-in rechargeable battery with universal USB port and comes in an attractive aluminum finish available in a variety of colors.

The Power Stick Travel Pack-Up is the ultimate tool kit for on-the-go charging. this pack includes a 2,200mAh Power Stick, 12V to USB Auto Adaptor, Wall Charger and Micro-USB Cable. It all comes in a convenient and compact travel case.

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