Katy Perry embraces her imperfections

Katie Perry continually impresses her fans with her carefree personality, over-the-top performances, and extravagant outfits. While Perry is seen across the world as a superstar, she recently revealed her thoughts on her imperfections, allowing for fans to realize there is no need to be ashamed of flaws.

Perry, a representative for Proactiv, has always been open in admitting to her flaws– whether it be her skin, body, or personal life. While many celebrities attempt to hide their imperfections with the fear of being judged, Perry’s openness has allowed for fans to connect with her on a deeper level.

In the July issue of Cosmopolitan, Perry opened up to Chelsea Handler, discussing her thoughts on performing and viewing pictures of herself online.

"I'll be nervous that the press will get weird upskirt shots or zoom in on my thunder thighs. Or I'll trip down some stairs and it will be on the Internet forever. But that's just a part of life. And I think people are OK with that with me. In the "Birthday" video, I look the worst I've ever looked. I feel like it's a happy accident that I can present myself imperfectly. Like when my ex-husband accidentally posted a picture of me without makeup, I was like, ‘Oh shit! I was making faces for you, not the Internet. Take it offline!’ But it's online forever. And in some ways, I felt this huge relief. I didn't have to be Betty Boop anymore. I was like, ‘Great! I can go out looking like my little brother if I want to.’"

Instead of attempting to maintain a ‘perfect’ image, it is refreshing to see Perry admitting to struggling with the same issues her fans deal with everyday.
The singer most recently released her single “Birthday” and is currently on the world for the Prismatic World Tour.

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