Lipo Lotion

Attention mommies who diet and exercise and just cannot seem to get rid of all the cellulite and dimpling caused by having kids, late night feedings, and for me, the ever growing addiction to the mac and cheese I make for the children.

LIPO LOTION is the perfect answer. This amazing cream was created especially for those "trouble areas" on your arms, hips, tummy, buttocks and legs. (Basically for everywhere I have "issues"). Lipo Lotion has a "peptide-infused blend of amino acids, vitamins, marine extracts and caffeine"; scientifically referred as Xantalgosil C (skin firmer), Scopariane BPC (brown algae extract that promotes collagen), Chlorellagen-DP (improves skin hydration), and Regu-Stretch (designed to smooth and moisturize stretch marks). It is totally safe to use, fragrance free, fast acting and leaves your skin energized, smooth, soft and toned.

In addition, Lipo Lotion couldn't be easier to use: in my fast paced world I don't have lots of time to "spa" myself and I have to say this is such a perfect system. Twice a day (morning and night), I simply apply a nice amount of lotion to my problem areas (LOL) and use the massaging applicator that comes built in with a vibrating tip. For even greater results you can purchase their MD Ultrasonic Beauty Massager (1,000,000 vibrations per second and can be set to multiple frequencies). I have been using the product for two weeks now and already notice my skin is smoother; the before and after pictures at 30 days give me great hope my body is moving in the right direction!

Lipo Lotion retails for $69.99 while the ultrasonic massager retails for $199.99. For more information or to purchase products please visit

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