Massachusetts sheep block road after escaping coyote

In order to escape from a coyote, a group of sheep escaped from their home and took over a street in Massachusetts, causing a traffic delay.

According to WCVB Boston, the owner of the sheep, Eugene McKay, said the sheep, who are in the town of Topsfield, broke out of their enclosure through a fence after they formed a circle in order to protect themselves from a coyote.

McKay reportedly said, “The reality is, the coyotes come out after storms, and they run at the sheep and bunch them up in the corner.”

UPI reported the sheep were blocking Rowley Bridge Road and their owner knew the most likely reason they had gone there.

“They were safe there. They were content. There were houses there. Sheep are not stupid. They got there and sat down. They were running all night,” McKay said.

McKay also reported that of his 14 sheep, all of them survived and at least one had markings that indicated a coyote had attacked them.

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