Michael Jackson estate suing over concert photos auction

The extremely litigious Michael Jackson estate is suing a movie memorabilia store for trying to auction off pictures from the Jackson brothers’ iconic 1984 Victory Tour.

The estate is going after Premiere Props, which they claim had told buyers that it had the rights to the photos, notes TMZ. According to the court documents, the store was trying to dupe buyers into believing that they would own the copyrights themselves if they buy the photo.

Of course, that’s not really the case, according to the estate. The late King of Pop had hired a photographer to take the photos and his company owned the rights.

Premiere had valued the pictures at $200 to $2,000. The MJ estate wants the profits from the auction and is hoping to stop Premiere from ever selling Jackson items again.

The estate has seen countless items from Jackson’s life hit the auction block. Back in December 2011, items from the home he died in were auctioned off. A year later, Lady Gaga rushed to buy 55 items from a Julien’s Auction of Jackson memorabilia.

Another famous Jackson item that almost went to auction was a creepy letter he wrote to Lisa Marie Presley, but Presley stepped in and stopped it from falling into the hands of a collector.

image courtesy of Paul Adao/INFphoto.com

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