Michigan owner may be charged after dogs fatally attack jogger

A man was mauled to death by two dogs on Wednesday evening as he jogged through a rural area in Michigan.

According to the Livingston Daily, Craig Sytsma, was attacked by Cane Corsos as he ran along a dirt road in Metamora Township. The 46-year-old later died of his injuries and now the owner of the dogs may face charges.

In the state of Michigan, pet owners can face criminal charges including involuntary manslaughter for such attacks. The prosecutor’s office is expected to take a look at the case to determine if and what charges may be filed against the owner.

The Detroit Free Press reported that a woman named April Smith said that she was attacked by one of the exotic dogs in 2012. She was appalled that the owner still had them.

“It’s just crazy to me,” Smith said. “Animal control should have done something. It should have never gone this far. The fact this has led to a death, it’s sickening.”

Cane Corsos are large Italian Molossers, which are closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff.

Authorities said that they will seek to have the dogs put down.

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