Musician John Waite releases his 'Best' music selections

Music performer John Waite releases new music release, Best, of popular pieces pulled from a successful music career spanning four decades.

The selections featured are part of an eighteen track set that wastes no time in showcasing Waite's extensive music career as lead singer 70's band The Babys and solo music act beginning in early the nineties solo music act beginning in early the nineties. Memorable songs from Waite's music catalog, as "Every Time I Think Of You," "Back On My Feet Again," "Change," and "Missing You" from Waite's music catalog, takes listeners a step back in time revisiting certain periods when particular instrumentation and arrangements of these songs as such were the sounds of the day. Paramount above all are Waite's polished performances, and vocal command, as a Rock male vocalist on all included tracks. Completing the music collection is an added perk of Waite's biggest solo career hit, "Missing You," with Bluegrass music artist Allison Krauss. Though Waite completed a brief stint as lead singer of the 80’s band Bad English, no songs from this period were selected for this project. The release is a combined studio, live, and unplugged versions of songs.

Waite's Best is a nostalgic musical journey and reminder of musical periods now missed.

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