Must Watch Videos July 21: Brothers Osborne, Usher, Sam Smith

With thousands of YouTube videos uploaded every minute it is hard to decide which videos are worth viewing time. Especially, when it comes to music videos. With so many new music videos coming out each week, it is hard to keep track of them all. If you are in the mood for country, rock or pop has it covered. Each week, highlights the top ten best music videos to view.

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This week features hot music videos from up and coming indie rock ‘n’ roll group Brothers Osborne with their new single, “Rum.” This list also features a new single from Danny Gokey with his music video for “Hope In Front Of Me.” This week also includes a new single from Catey Shaw with her new hit “Brooklyn Girls” and an unforgettable new hit from country legend Tim McGraw.

This week also showcases the brand new video from Train with their latest single “Angel in Blue Jeans.” Weird Al is also making a splash online with his latest album and parody of Pharrell William’s hit “Happy.” The video for “Tacky” is one to not miss.

Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of top ten.

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10. Brothers Osborne-Rum

Newcomers on the music scene, Brothers Osborne have released their latest single, “Rum.” The band has a unique take on the indie rock ‘n’ roll industry.

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9. Danny Gokey-Hope In Front Of Me

Danny Gokey is known for coming in third place during the eighth season of American Idol and now he is back with his latest single, “Hope In Front Of Me.” For fans of Gokey on the hit reality show, this will not disappoint.

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8. Broods- Mother & Father

Broods is a musical duo from New Zealand and they have their musical sights set on the United States with their latest single, “Mother & Father.”

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7. Catey Shaw-Brooklyn Girls

Catey Shaw is new to the music industry but is out to make a lasting first impression with her single, “Brooklyn Girls.”

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6. Usher ft. Nicki Minaj-She Came To Give It To Me

Usher is back with a new single that features Nicki Minaj. The combination impresses and is likely to impress on the charts and in clubs all across the Untied States. “She Came To Give It To Me” is a must listen this week.

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5. Jenny Lewis-Just One Of The Guys

When fans watch the music video for “Just One Of The Guys” they will see Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart front and center. Fans will know Jenny Lewis as one half of the indie rock ‘n’ roll band Rilo Kiley.


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4. Weird Al-Tacky

Weird Al is back and is ready to show off his tacky side. Al took on Pharrell William’s hit “Happy” and is back with his parody chart topping style.

[new page= Sam Smith ft. Mary J. Blige- Stay With Me ]

3. Sam Smith ft. Mary J. Blige- Stay With Me

Sam Smith has been impressing on the radio airwaves and charts with his hit “Stay With Me.” Fans will be pleased when they hear this take on the hit song featuring R&B legend Mary J. Blige.

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2. Train-Angel in Blue Jeans

Train is back with another music video that feels like a short film for their latest single, “Angel in Blue Jeans.”

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1. Tim McGraw- Truck Yeah

Tim McGraw is a full-blown country legend and is back with a music video for his latest single “Truck Yeah.”

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