Must Watch Videos July 28 - Fuel, Jack White, One Republic

With thousands of YouTube videos uploaded every minute it is hard to decide which videos are worth viewing time. Especially, when it comes to music videos. With so many new music videos coming out each week, it is hard to keep track of them all. If you are in the mood for country, rock or pop has it covered. Each week, highlights the top ten best music videos to view.

This week features hot music videos from rock ‘n’ roll group Fuel with their new single, “Cold Summer.” This list also features a new single from Erik Hassle with his music video for “Pathetic.” This week also includes a new single from One Republic with their follow up single to “Counting Stars” and “Love Runs Out” with “Ordinary Humans.” This week also features an unforgettable new hit from rock legends U2.

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This week also showcases the brand new video from Jack White with his latest single “Lazaretto.” What are you watching this week? Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of top ten.

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10. Fuel-Cold Summer

Rock ‘n’ roll group Fuel is back with another intense single, “Cold Summer” and is delighting fans with their musical return.

[new page=Erik Hassle-Pathetic]

9. Erik Hassle-Pathetic

Erik Hassle is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter who is bringing his music to the United States and has released a music video for “Pathetic.”

[new page= One Republic-Ordinary Human]

8. One Republic-Ordinary Human

One Republic has topped the charts with their singles, “Counting Stars” and “Love Runs Out” but the group is not ready to give up their current ruling of the charts. They have just released the lyric video for their next single, “Ordinary Human.”

[new page= Bea Miller-Young Blood]

7. Bea Miller-Young Blood

The young X Factor contestant is back with her new music video for “Young Blood.”

[new page= Jason Aldean- Burnin’ It Down ]

6. Jason Aldean- Burnin’ It Down

Country star Jason Aldean is ready to debut new music to his fans. Aldean has just released “Burnin’ It Down” and the song is already getting a strong reaction from country music fans online.

[new page= Common-Kingdom ft. Vince Staples]

5. Common-Kingdom ft. Vince Staples

Rap artists and actor Common is getting back to his musical roots with the single, “Kingdom” which features Vince Staples.

[new page= U2 –Invisible (Live on The Tonight Show)]

4. U2 –Invisible (Live on The Tonight Show)

Rock ‘n’ roll legends, U2, stopped by the Live on The Tonight Show to perform their latest single “Invisible.”

[new page= Rise Against-I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore]

3. Rise Against-I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore

Hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll group, Rise Against, has just released their latest single, “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore.” Rise Against has started to become more mainstream with recent hits and this single will help to continue exposing Rise Against to more new music fans.

[new page= Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus- Come Get It Bae ]

2. Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus- Come Get It Bae

Pharrell Williams took over the music industry with his single, “Happy.” Miley Cyrus took over the pop culture world with her over the top transformation and sexy, shocking musical switch from pop to something completely different. It is no wonder that when Williams and Cyrus came together for “Come Get It Bae” the result was instant chemistry and has already been gaining thousands of views on YouTube.

[new page= Jack White-Lazaretto]

1. Jack White-Lazaretto

Jack White has released the music video for his hit “Lazaretto.” White is known for his unique craftsmanship when it comes to his music and that throwback style comes across in the visual companion to “Lazaretto.”

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