Nelsan Ellis says Luke Grimes quit 'True Blood' over gay relationship plot

Nelsan Ellis has a bone to pick with former True Blood co-star Luke Grimes.

In an interview with Vulture for New York Magazine, Ellis discussed his role as Lafayette on the popular HBO series. Ellis regaled his character's development during the current, and final, season of the series. He also took time out to praise co-stars Kevin Alejandro and Nathan Parsons, both of whom play love interests for his character.

But things soured when Ellis was asked about his relationship with Luke Grimes. Grimes, who was brought on to play James Kent last season, reportedly left the series in December after his character was revealed to be bisexual and put in a relationship with Ellis' character. Grimes was replaced by Nathan Parsons for the show's final season, according to Fox News.

When asked if he'd had a chance to bond with Grimes before the switch Ellis responded,

"I'm over him. You quit your job because you don't want to play a gay part?"

After attempting to censor himself, Ellis went on to say that Grimes had made a powerful statement with his decision to leave the series. Ellis predicted that said decision would have consequences.

"I didn't like what he did because he made a statement, and sometimes you have to take responsibility," Ellis said.

When asked jokingly if Grimes would be asked back for the True Blood musical, Ellis quipped back, "I don't think he'll be invited back to HBO."

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