New fitness device will shock you, literally

We shock our dogs with electric fences to keep them around the house. Why not shock ourselves to get us up and out of the house?

A new fitness device called the Pavlok will do just that, according to the Big News Network. The electric wristband will zap users for skipping workouts, providing them with an incentive to hit the gym. But, you will get warnings before the shock.

First, the wristband will remind you that it’s go-time with a vibration, analogous to Mom saying, “I’ll count to 10, and when I get there, you better be at the gym.” If you remain stubborn, a loud beep ensues. (Picture Mom at “Nine and three quarters!”) And for those who still won’t budge, and are daring enough to opt for a 30-340 volt shock, you get zapped. Then, and only then, may you return to the sedentary activity of your choice in peace and quiet.

For future buyers contemplating whether or not to opt for the shocking punishment, Maneesh Sethi, the designer of Pavlok, assures consumers that it is not dangerous. “It’s nothing that’s going to hurt you,” Sethi told ABC News. “It’s not pleasant but that’s the point, to break you of these bad habits.”

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