Outer Spice Original Low-Salt

Salt is a must-have item in any kitchen. It's a crucial ingredient in every dish and if you skip it you risk serving up bland food.

Salt is also rich in sodium, and that's not good for people on a low-sodium or sodium-free diet.

You don't have to suffer bland food if you can't have salt. Outer Spice Original Low-Salt is high in flavor and low in Sodium.

Made with Himala™ brand pink sea salt and a plethora of spices, Outer Spice is an ideal salt substitute while cooking. Sprinkle Outer Spice on eggs, salads, pastas and veggies. Rub it on fish, chicken, beef and pork to infuse them with flavor before grilling. Or create tasty marinades, dressings and dips.

Get Out Spice for $6.99 at OuterSpiceIt.com and Whole Food Markets.

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