Patrick Wilson and others exit Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

It appears that Marvel's Ant-Man is experiencing even more changes to its roster, as it loses stars Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring), Matt Gerald (Avatar) and Kevin Weisman (Alias).

As Deadline reveals, Wilson has a scheduling issue that hinders him from being able to film the role, while Weisman and Gerald have been written out of the movie. The script has been in a constantly state of flux since original director Edgar Wright's departure.

Despite some—understandably—believing that their leaving has some connection with the fact that Wright is no longer the helmer of the film, Deadline reports that Marvel insiders adamantly dispute the connection between Wright's leaving and their own.

It was unclear just who Wilson was playing, but some, like Slashfilm, speculated that he would be playing the role of Darren Cross, something of a Tony Stark-esque character in a different Marvel movie. Also unclear is just who will be replacing Wilson in the Peyton Reed-film. Considering that the panel for the upcoming Marvel movie is happening tomorrow at Comic-Con, there will probably be more explanation to that, or at least other aspects of the movie.

Ant-Man is set to hit theaters July 17, 2015. If it can ever figure out what it is doing, of course.

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