Pennsylvania boy beaten and starved, weighed 25 pounds when found

A 7-year-old boy from Pennsylvania was found beaten and starving at his grandparents’ house.

The boy was regularly beaten whenever he tried to sneak food, and ate insects to survive, reported CNN.

The boy, who was not identified, was living with his mother, grandparents, and three siblings.

The 9-year-old brother of the boy was also underweight, but the two sisters, ages 4 and 11, appeared to be healthy.

Only the boy was in severe condition.

According to the Associated Press, the child was found after child welfare responded to a complaint.When taken to the hospital, the boy weighed 25 pounds, but has gained 20 since recovering.

Police reported that the boy was home-schooled since last year, and when allowed outside he was restricted to the back porch.

As punishment, the boy was forced to shower in ice cold water.

The grandparents, Dennis and Deanna Beighley, and the mother of the boy, Mary Rader, turned themselves in.

They were charged with unlawful restraint of a minor, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and conspiracy.

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