Pennsylvania house explodes and kills elderly couple inside

A house exploded in western Pennsylvania early Tuesday morning and emergency officials say that two people were killed.

According to WPXI, the two victims, 74-year-old Ray Trautvetter and wife 69-year-old Janet, were both inside when the South Beaver Township house exploded at 4 a.m.

"Me and my brother married sisters, so I lost a brother and my wife lost a sister," Darrell, Ray's brother said. "They were both great people and hard workers. It's just sad they built it and that's where they had to end their lives."

Ammunition inside of the house went off during the blaze, keeping emergency responders seeking cover for a short time.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated but Officer Jesse Richman suspects that it "probably is going to be gas-related," as the house used propane.

Neighbors said that the early morning explosion was loud and shook their houses. "The boom was horrible sounding," Jen Conforti told WPXI.

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