Peyton Manning brings home two ESPY Awards

During the 2014 ESPY Awards, superstar quarterback of the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning had a great night. Manning brought home two awards.

Manning won the awards for Best NFL Player and Best Record-Breaking Performance. Manning was introduced by Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino and the 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

According to The Denver Post, Manning won his fifth regular season MVP award last season, and statistically he had his best season as a pro. He set a record producing 55 touchdown passes and throwing for more than 5,500 yards.

What makes Manning so great is the work he puts in before the season. Manning looks at film to improve from the season before to correct errors and get better, reports ESPN.

"If you ever feel like that's not important -- like, 'Hey, I don't need to watch last season; I know what we did; I know what I did wrong' -- no, you don't know," Manning said. "You need to watch it.”

Peyton will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Throughout his career with the Colts and the Broncos, he has made the teammates around him better. He has also brought both franchises to the Super Bowl, which every team in the NFL dreams of playing in every single season.

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