Pregnant mother struck by lightning, baby's hair still static a year later

Baby Kimberly Gordon isn’t rocking her spiked hair by choice.

A year ago on July 4, her pregnant mother, Kendra Villanueva, and father Ian Gordon, were struck by lightning while watching fireworks, reported the Daily Mail.

The disoriented couple was found by the fire department, both lying on the ground by a tree, reported ABC News.

Villanueva was rushed to the hospital where little Kimberly was born two weeks before she was due.

Gordon had a ruptured eardrum, and Villanueva was bleeding from her thumb.

Kimberly can’t crawl, sit up, or digest food properly as a result of neurological damage from the lightning strike.

“It's hard seeing she can't eat like she's supposed to and can't have food yet, just through the [feeding] tube. But other than I'm glad she lived through it all,” Villanueva said.

Kimberly’s hair remains static, but there is no specific reason why.

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