'Ridiculousness' recap: Season 5 episode 2

Ridiculousness isn’t the only show that came from the mind of Rob Dyrdek. Snack Off is a brand new show that Dyrdek help create and now he is helping promote the show through Ridiculousness. On the last episode, Dyrdek had on a Snack Off judge and this episode he had the host of the snacking show, Eddie Huang.

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Huang is the writer of the book Fresh of the boat and has a television show by the same name where he explores new foods. Huang has the perfect personality for show as he fits right in with the rest of the Ridiculousness crew. Like always, Dyrdek shows categories that relate to the guest.

The “Food Pioneers” category was inspired by Huang’s love for discovering new foods around the world. This and the “Hot Trash” category were hard to watch. Between men eating worms and frogs and moving food, these categories became gross really fast. Huang didn’t seem shocked or grossed out by what he saw since he has seen similar gross food on his journeys.

The second category, “Screw this Job,” could be relatable for just about anyone. Some jobs are rough and this category shows the best of that bad day on the job. Here, is the popular video of the living statue man that punches out a bully (clip at the end of article.)

Huang requested the category “White People.” He shares with Dyrdek that his favorite white person is Harry Potter. However, Dyrdek is a close second. Named after Huang’s book, is the category “Fresh off the boat.” This category is exactly what you may think it is: people falling out of boats. Huang refers to himself as the human panda so Dyrdek made the category “Panda Eddies.” This category is filled with adorable pandas and an athletic red panda. The last category is features something that I personally see every day. “Suspend Yourself” features those that shouldn’t be driving on the roads. A personal favorite is the girl who falls asleep in traffic.

With the last video the crew comes up with a hashtag to tag onto the video. In the video, a man opens his eyes wide enough that they appear to almost fall out. While Channel West Coast and Huang come up with good ideas it’s Steelo Brim’s hashtag that Dyrdek picks. #EyeRection.

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