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'Ridiculousness' recap: Season 5 premiere

MTV’s Ridiculousness came back to television last night. As one of the many television series that play clip shows, Ridiculousness has to bring something different to the table to separate it from the others. With a crazy mind like Rob Dyrdek, this is not a problem. Dyrdek brings energy and enthusiasm to the set along with his friends Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel West Coast.

This episode the crew was joined by model and television personality, Chrissy Teigen. She recently graced the cover of Sports Illustrated but she is also a judge on Dyrdek’s new show called, Snack Off. With the show premiering after Ridiculousness, this was a perfect way to promote it.

If you are new to Ridiculousness you should know all the categories relate to the special guest. With Teigen being a bikini model, the first collection of clips featured girls in bikinis hitting the ground hard. At one point, Teigen gets scared and mentions to give West Coast a boob grab. To promote Snack Off, one category was filled of gross eating habits. One guy announced he was eating maple syrup while pouring it down his throat. According to him, President Obama bought him pancakes.

Another strange clip looked like the classic skateboarding trick gone wrong clip, but the clip changed when a real life Wilfred comes out and hugs the victim. However, this clip is nearly as strange as the scary day care clip. With a crazy baby, a ball to one’s face, and other shenanigans, the last clip in the “Healing Hugs” category is sure to bring laughs.

Dyrdek and Teigen talk about their love for bulldogs which leads into two different categories: “Bulldogs are the best” and “Human Bulldogs.” The last montage featured a bunch of bad singers singing John Legend’s “All of me.” Teigen is married to the singer/songwriter and the song was written for her.

At the end of the episode, Dyrdek plays a video and the cast gives it a hashtag. The video features a lady feeding her two dogs ice cream. The one dog gently licks the ice cream while the other eats it whole. Dyrdek gives his hashtag and Teigen throws out an inappropriate one. It’s Brim’s, however, that is selected as the hashtag: #2bitchesonecone.

Be sure to tune into Ridiculousness on MTV on Thursday nights.

Photo from Credit:Devan/INFphoto.com.

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