'Rookie Blue' recap: 'Wanting'

This episode was full of big decisions and dramatic twists, in more ways than one. Read how the episode's criminal case played out, and then learn what happened in the personal lives of our favorite 15 Division officers:

The case

Andy and Duncan

The episode starts with Andy and Duncan getting ready to process prisoners. Andy needs to run to the bathroom so she tells Duncan to watch over things but not move a muscle. When she returns to a commotion of two prisoners fighting and asks Duncan why he didn't step in, he says "because you told me not to move."

After parade, Andy tells Oliver how frustrated she is with Duncan and Oliver suggests that she tries loosening the leash. She agrees, and lets Duncan drive the car during patrol.

They soon respond to call about a dead body found in an apartment building in a bad neighborhood. Upon arrival, they find the victim in a stairwell, still alive but with a gunshot wound to his stomach.

Shoot to the station. Chris tells Sam and Andy that the victim is Darryl Riggs, and that he has a rap sheet but doesn't live in that building. Sam assigns Chris to find out if Riggs' car is in the building parking lot, and Andy is assigned to bring the next of kin to the hospital.

In their squad car, Duncan says "what goes around comes around," referring to the fact that Riggs has a record. Andy points out that his last charge was 10 years ago, insisting people change, but Duncan doesn't agree. Andy asserts it's possible and that she's seen it. Clearly she's referring to Sam—you can tell in her voice she's not convinced of it herself.

Chris and Gail

Shoot to Nick, Dov, Gail and Chris trying to question people in the building about the incident, but struggling since no one is willing to talk. In the laundry room of the floor she and Chris are on, Gail discovers a woman in a pool of blood; She's alive but barely.

Andy and Duncan

When Andy and Duncan arrive at Darryl Riggs' house, Riggs' young son answers the door. Andy asks him his name and when he asks why, Duncan gives him a rude response. Andy shushes Duncan and plays nice with the kid, who eventually explains his name is Marcus and only his grandma lives with them since his mother's dead, but his grandmother is at work. Andy tells Marcus that his dad is hurt and they are going to take him and his grandma to the hospital.

The detectives (Sam, Steve, Traci)

Dov, Nick and Sam are exploring the scene in the laundry room. When Sam notices that it looks like the bullet came through from the ceiling, they head upstairs to the room above. There, they find another body, (an actually dead victim). Steve arrives and says the victim is Dominic Cody, the head of a gang called the Jamesons, who had been trying to set up a cease fire between his and other gangs.

Andy and Duncan

At the hospital, when Andy and Duncan learn about Cody, Duncan asks her if she still thinks Riggs is a changed man since it seems he is connected to the gang leader. Andy sends Duncan away with Marcus so that she can talk to Marcus's grandmother about Darryl. The woman insists that Darryl put his criminal past behind him when Marcus's mother died. Then she explains Darryl was probably in the building doing electrical work. Andy informs Sam, who then suggests that Riggs was shot because the bad guys who killed Cody saw him and didn't want a witness. Steve then tells them that they found heroine with the brand mark of a rival gang, Las Viboras, stuffed in Cody's mouth. It seems they killed Cody to send the message that the cease-fire is over.

Meanwhile Duncan has accused Marcus of hiding something about what happened to his father but Marcus stayed quiet.

Chris and Gail

Back in the laundry room of the building, Gail complains to Chris about the blood on her from the woman she found, whom they think is named Sophie. After a reply from Chris and a cold-as-ice-typical Gail response, Chris explains that no one seems to know the woman.

The detectives

Shay Bishop, the number two man in the Jameson gang, and another member, arrive at the building and Steve and Traci confront them outside. Shay's companion says that the killer must be Ruiz, as in Ramon Ruiz of the Las Viboras gang, but Shay says they don't know who did it. Traci urges Shay not to retaliate and he says he won't until tomorrow.

At the station, Steve briefs the force: the suspect is Ruiz and they have a day to close the case before a gang war erupts. After the briefing, as Andy and Duncan are going through their report since they were first on the scene, Duncan asks if he gets reimbursed for the grape juice he bought Marcus. As foolish a statement as this is, it reminds Andy that a grape juice bottle was found in Riggs' car at the building, which means it's possible he brought Marcus to work with him. They head out to find Marcus and see if he was at the building when his father was shot.

Andy and Duncan

After going to the hospital and learning from Marcus's grandmother that Riggs is out of surgery but still at risk and that Marcus went home to get her her pills, Andy and Duncan head to Riggs' house and Andy tells Duncan to drop her off before the house so that people don't see the family talking to cops. But she tells him to be ready to provide backup.

The detectives and Oliver:

At the station, Steve informs Oliver and Sam that Ruiz and his crew have a solid alibi, which means they were framed by the real murderer.

Andy and Duncan
At Riggs' house, Andy eventually gets Marcus to admit that he was with his dad in the electrical room and when they heard shots, his dad told him to run out of the building. He ran ahead of his father and kept going, even when he heard more shots. He tells Andy he didn't think the shooter saw him. When Andy asks if he would recognize him, Marcus makes a startling revelation: it was Shay Bishop. Andy lets Sam know and realizes she needs to get Marcus out of the house but before they can escape, Shay arrives, armed. Andy calls Duncan for backup but he is frozen in fear and decides to turn off his radio rather than answering Andy's distress call.

Back inside the house, Andy is engaged in a standoff with Shay. Luckily, help soon arrives and he's apprehended. When Duncan sees Andy, he claims he got lost and his radio died, but she grabs it and discovers his lie.

The detectives

At the station, Steve matter-of-factly tells Traci that Ruiz' crew will move into the area now that the Jamesons are likely to unravel and Traci says you can't just write off a whole neighborhood. Steve says you're right, but somewhat in an insincere tone.

Chris and Gail

Elsewhere, when Gail sees Chris and starts talking about how she still doesn't know who Sophie is, Chris informs her that Sophie didn't survive. Instead of crying in reaction, Gail just goes off to figure out who she is.

A few scenes later, Gail is in the laundry room of the building searching for keys that she figures Sophie dropped, to help her figure out who she is, when a little girl comes in looking for her mommy. Gail asks if her mom is Sophie. The girl says no "her name is Trina. I'm Sophie." This causes the ice queen to finally shed heartbroken tears.

Andy and Duncan

At the police station, Andy has told Oliver everything that happened with Duncan. Oliver tells her they will suspend him and probably take away his badge. The higher ups won't be happy. Andy feels guilty but Oliver says it's not a job for everyone. Andy then leaves his office and Duncan enters it.

Relationships/other news:

Chloe and Dov

Early in the episode, Dov encounters Chloe as she is working out. After they chat a bit, she asks him for a kiss and to her dismay, he gives her just a lame peck on the lips before walking away.

After parade, Chloe asks her apparent BFF Nick (such a cute friendship) for a favor. To Nick's discomfort, she explains that Dov won't be remotely intimate with her and she doesn't understand why and it's freaking her out. Nick reluctantly agrees to talk to Dov.
While Nick and Dov are questioning people in the building about the shooting incident, Nick tries to bring up the Chloe issue but it's awkward and unsuccessful.

But he says he'll try again after Chloe shamelessly expresses to Nick how sexually frustrated she is.

At the end of the episode Nick blatantly confronts Dov about it and Dov says he was just afraid to hurt her since she literally died in front of her. Chloe then approaches them and Nick grabs her, pulls her over to Dov, explains the situation and encourages the couple to get a room as they kiss and makeup. Love those three characters. Can't get enough of Chloe. And Nick.

Chris is shown pulling up to a club and handing a wad of money to a sketchy guy. It appears to be a drug deal. (WHAT?)

Andy and Sam

At the start of the episode, Traci thanks Andy for being back together with Sam since he is now happier every day at work. Andy explains that they aren't back together; they agreed to be friends for now. Traci calls Andy out for making lists in the hopes that the idea of her and Sam will eventually look as good on paper as it feels in her gut.

Later, Andy and Sam exchange "friendly" flirtatious chatter about her training Duncan, with jokes about how Sam trained her.

After Andy leaves Oliver's office at the end of the episode, Sam offers her a ride home. She accepts, but when they are shown arriving at Andy's house, Andy calls him out for not having said anything throughout the entire ride. Sam says she didn't either, to which she responds that it would have been nice for him to say: "...something like there was nothing I could do, or I couldn't have trained him better. It would have happened eventually..." Sam apologizes but says, "you don't need me to say that do you? You're one of the best I've ever seen. You had a feeling about this guy and you were right. Trust that. I think you're feeling the way you're feeling because you believe in people and know that they can be better. It's what makes you who you are." This does the trick and Andy kisses him and gets out. (It was a good speech but I feel like Nick would have done better in the situation. Just saying).

Tune in to ABC on Thursday, July 10 at 10 p.m. for episode five of the fifth season, "Going Under."

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