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Sarah Borges releases 'Radio Sweetheart'

Sarah Borges is no stranger to the music industry; spending years learning her craft and developing her skills as a rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter. Starting out in the industry she was a member of the rock band, Broken Singles but after almost seven years the band split up. Even though the band went their separate ways on good terms, the break up was hard for Borges. This caused her to step away from the music industry but now she is back with her new solo adventure, Radio Sweetheart.

Radio Sweetheart pulls together a variety of influences and combines them in a way that feels new, modern and fresh. This album at times feel like it has pop-rock influences of today but can switch into a 50s pop style effortlessly and the two styles combine to bring something new to an already exhausted pop-rock singer/songwriter industry.

The album starts out strong with heavy instrumentals and really embraces Borges lyrics, which pull the whole record together. The musical styling overall feels upbeat and will have fans coming back to listen a few times to hear the different elements that are combined to create this unique sound from Borges.

When fans make it about halfway through the record they will also start to feel a slight country influence which really gives this album that element of something different and special which makes it stand out in the industry.

Stand out tracks on the album include, “Think Of What You’ve Done,” “Start Again” and “Girl With A Bow.”

Radio Sweetheart received a wide release and is available in most local record stores, this type of distribution makes sense for this album because it is feels organic and embraces and older style of music. This will allow Borges to reach a whole new audience. For fans of country music or rock music, Borges will be one to watch.

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