'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap - Top 14 Perform

There was a lot of dancing in tonight’s show: duets, solos and four phenomenal group numbers (my favorite of which by just a smidge was the all-female Mandy Moore number which featured a terrific song I hadn’t thought about since my freshman year of high school) plus four eliminations, so let’s get right into the recap.

Like last week, I will write a recap of each dance and give it a rating of zero to five stars. Feel free to comment below with your favorite/least favorite routine of the night. Also, as a note, I write the recaps right after I watch each performance so I’m not sure who is voted off until the recap is completely written, hence some changes in tense.

Bridget & Emilio, Jazz – * * * *
Bridget and Emilio performed the best routine of the night last week. This week’s Ray Leeper jazz routine was performed well but it missed that X factor that made last week’s so good. Yes, they could have been a little bit more connected on the floor and, yes, Bridget could have been more down and dirty in her movement. But all in all it was a fun, 21st century Fosse routine.

Tanisha & Rudy, Contemporary – * * * * ½
In the past few weeks, I’ve had issues with Rudy’s performance. He often comes across as too green, too goofy and too immature. But tonight Rudy transformed from boy to man in a glorious Mandy Moore number. Steamy and physically demanding, this one totally redeemed Rudy in my book and showcased Tanisha really well too.

Jaque & Zack, Paso Doble – * * * * ½
Can I just call it now and say that Zack and Jacque will star in True Blood: The Musical? Their vampire-inspired paso doble was creepy and strong and dark and completely captured the tone Jean-Marc Généreux was going for. Special shout out to Dance’s phenomenal wardrobe department too.

Emily & Teddy, Broadway – * * *
If Bridget and Emily’s number was 21st century Fosse, this one was classic Fosse in the best possible way. That being said, it felt so classic that I don’t think I’ll remember it by the end of the show. But some of that may be due to Emily and Teddy who, while dancing better than last week, drifted in and out of good form.

Jessica & Casey, Contemporary – * * * * ½
There was a gorgeous innocence and romanticism in Travis Wall’s brilliant cotemporary routine. From that amazingly passionate kiss on, the duo displayed great acting chops and some serious technique. This is why I love this show.

Carly & Serge, Quick Step – * * * *
I’ve talked before on these recaps about how the quick step is probably the hardest dance thrown at the SYTYCD contestants. While I’m sure their technique could be improved if they pick the style again, I thought the two handled it quite well.

Valerie & Ricky, Hip-Hop – * * * * ½
That weird split thing was remarkable. So was the creepy tone of the piece and the fact that Zack looked exactly like that villain from Princess and the Frog.I’m not sure hip-hop is the couple strongest genre, but Ricky and Valerie are definitely this season’s power couple and they performed it brilliantly.


Serge – * * *
It’s tough for ballroom dancers to do really good solos. Serge’s solo exhibited a good use of space and some fast foot but I’m not sure its really enough to get him into the top 10.

Carly – * * * ½
While Carly’s moves weren’t totally memorable, they were performed with a sweet innocence and fluidity that made it a pleasure to watch.

Casey – * * * *
With a calm yet passionate style, Casey solo was filled with some killer jumps and gorgeous movement. Best so far tonight.

Emily – * * * *
There was something so beautiful and sad in Emily’s solo, almost like she knew her tenure on the show was almost up but she was OK with it. I hope that’s true and she leaves the show with her head held high. She’s a beautiful dancer. She was just outdanced this season.

Teddy – * * * *
On his own, Teddy’s quirky style really shines. It’s really a shame it really hasn’t been shown off during his choreographed numbers. He’s a good dancer, but I’m pretty sure tonight is the end of his SYTYCD journey.

Jessica – * * * *
I’m a real fan of Jessica’s. Between her smart solo and her remarkable performance with Casey, she’d be the one I save tonight.

Top Ten:

Bottom Six:
Serge, Teddy, Casey, Carly, Jessica & Emily

Who Should Have Gone Home:
Serge, Teddy, Carly & Emily

Who Actually Went Home:
Serge, Teddy, Carly & Emily

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