'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap - Top 18 Perform

I love his stage of So You Think You Can Dance. We’re just getting to know the finalists and there are no clear front-runners yet (well, except for Ricky). This week we got a lot of great dances and even some top-notch comments from guest judge Misty Copeland (who is the best thing to happen to the show in a while). Without further ado, let’s get started!

Like last week, I will write a recap of each dance and give it a rating of zero to five stars. Feel free to comment below with your favorite/least favorite routine of the night.

Jaque & Zack, Hip-Hop – * * * ½
After last week’s Technicolor African Jazz, this hip-hop routine felt a little too sweet and a little too benign. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad by any means, but it was a somewhat bland way to start the show. That being said, Jaque did out dance Zack, who seemed slightly uncomfortable with the intricate moves.

Jourdan & Marquet, Contemporary – * * * ½
Dee Caspary’s contemporary piece was pretty but lacked passion (and perhaps some technique from Marquet). Passionate routines like this should just ooze sexual chemistry and this was more like a somewhat awkward blind date than a night of passion.

Jessica & Stanley, Jazz – * * * *
Yes, the pair overacted like they were auditioning to play the leads in a Disneyworld Aladdin revue but I wasn’t nearly as critical as the judges were. Any time I can watch Stanley’s amazing elevation and lines, I’m a happy camper.

Bridget & Emilio, Jive – * * * * ½
While the dance felt light as a feather, it was surely heavy on technique. Emilio did sometimes felt a millisecond off from Bridget, but the number was super fun and effervescent.

Emily & Teddy, Contemporary – * * * * ½
First of all, I just adore this song. Whether it’s the English version or the French, whether it’s Nina Simone or the original by Jaque Brell. It’s a melody so gorgeous that you can understand each yearning word even without knowing any French. Tyce Diorio’s routine perfectly match the song and delivered with some gorgeous, honest dancing. Yes, as the judges said, there were some moments that were messy but in this routine I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Love isn’t always pretty and sometimes dance doesn’t have to be either. While this isn’t the flashiest dance of the night, it’s my favorite.

Brooklyn & Casey, Jazz – * * ½
While the judges applauded the two, I felt their technicality was shoddy at times and, perhaps worse, woefully under performed their number. Brooklyn and Casey lacked chemistry last week and not much changed in their interaction and performance skills.

Valerie & Ricky, Waltz – * * * *
While no one in the competition can beat Ricky’s technique, Valerie valiantly rose to the challenge amazingly well. Sure, the Viennese Waltz is an inherently sleepy dance (and one that’s usually poison for SYTYCD contestants), but Valerie and Ricky performed it beautifully.

Carly & Serge, Hip-Hop – * * *
Pieces like this Luther Brown creepified hip-hop number are all about character, commitment and attitude. But I just didn’t buy it, especially from Serge who seemed very out of his element. The dime store Halloween costumes didn’t help.

Tanisha & Rudy, Broadway – * * * * ½
Not a huge amount to deconstruct, but their old fashioned Broadway number was incredibly energetic and performed very well.

Bottom Six:
Bridget, Emilio, Emily, Stanley, Jourdan & Teddy.

Who Should Have Gone Home:
Jourdan & Stanley

Who Actually Went Home:
Jourdan & Emilio

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