Strange porcelain dolls left outside homes resemble girls living there

Eight families in a California community have had porcelain dolls left on their doorsteps, resembling the young girls living in each home.

According to ABC News, police are investigating the case to determine whether or not they are all connected. The families of the young girls, all around the age of 10, started reporting the dolls about a month ago.

“It caught me by surprise. It spun out of control,” Lt. Jeff Hallock from the Orange County Sherrif’s Department said.

None of the families know each other, but some of the girls attend the same school or participate in the same activities. Police were unsure whether it was a prank, or something more series, reported KYTX.

“People are saying the dolls slightly resemble their daughters, which is creepy,” Lt. Jeff Hallock said.

Although there is no specific crime, police are treating it as such.

The most recent doll was reported earlier in the week.

Image via Facebook from ABC 7

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