Stupid Amazon Reviews: 'Make Your Own Sex Toys: 50 Quick and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects'

In the age of Fifty Shades of Grey everyone wants to add some zip (ties) to their sex lives.

For some, the idea of going to a shop filled with buzzing, phallic items seems a bit daunting. The things for sale to put in, on and/or around some very sensitive areas are overwhelming, especially for a novice. Forget asking an actual person HOW they work! And who wants to invest tons of money in things that hurt or don’t work?

“Make Your Own Sex Toys: 50 Quick and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects” by Matt Pagett gives the most eco-friendly sex fiends instructions on how to get a great orgasm with household items.

Matt helps bridge the gap between need and fear by suggesting items as simple as a bar of soap to more complex items like an eggplant.

Since the book is only averaging a 3-star review, before you plan a shopping trip, check out what other readers had to say before you order up a quickie:

Wandrwoman - Good, Easy to Follow Resource for Brownie Scout Projects

This book has been a go-to this winter for fun, easy to accomplish craft projects for my daughter Mindy's Brownie Scout Troop. There are 50 individual projects listed so each girl can make at least two items which will certainly come in handy for Mother and Father's Day presents later this spring. As soon as I took the book out of the paper bag, the girls started to circle round, wide eyed in wonder at all the fun and stimulating projects before them. In fact, they started to scream and cover their eyes! Little girls of that age can be so excitable, can't they? This book has also been a big hit at my son's Cub Scout meetings as well. There is enough to interest boys as well as girls. I highly recommend this craft book!

HippieChic - My Patients at the Nursing Home Love It!
I am the Activity Director at a nursing home and I bought this book for craft day and had the ladies make various objects found in the book. I didn't have the opportunity to ask them if they liked what they created since many of them went to their rooms immediately after their projects were completed. But I do know one thing, our patients are so much happier. There were times when I'd catch the ladies sneaking over to the rooms of our male patients which is strictly against our nursing home policy. Since the ladies have made their devices we no longer have this issue. If anything the ladies are staying in their rooms a lot more. An extra added bonus is that we haven't lost any patients since this craft activity took place. One patient who was bedridden for 6 years is now able to move about the nursing home without assistance. A couple of our male patients who have seen the devices are interested in making their own so I am currently planning a craft day for them as well.

Chris - Girl Friendly Mostly Loves Them!

Nothing tells your sweet heart that you love them more than a hand made gift. I have completed several of these projects and it has greatly improved our sex life. However, I must admit that my girl friend has recently been complaining about splinters.

Be warned that wood is not necessarily the ideal material for a sex toy! recommends to also purchase a Reciprocating Saw Adapter based on purchases customers made after viewing this book.

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