Supreme Court will take UPS pregnancy rights case

The U.S. Supreme Court will take on a case against delivery service UPS, in which a woman claims the company’s decision to deny her special treatment due to pregnancy was a violation of law.

Peggy Young, a part-time driver, asked that she be given lighter packages to carry during her pregnancy. However, UPS denied Young’s request, saying that nothing in the Pregnancy Discrimination Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act required the company to do so, notes Reuters.

According to Businessweek, Young claimed that UPS told her that such a request could only be granted if she suffered a work-related injury or anyone classified as permanently disabled under the Americans With Disabilities Act. So, Young then went on unpaid leave, but returned to the job after her baby was born.

One of the issues with the case is that the incident happened back in 2006, two years before an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act that would have covered her situation was enacted.

Previous lower court rulings have sided with UPS. While the Obama Administration did believe that one of the rulings was incorrect, the White House didn’t think the Supreme Court needed to take the case since there already is a law protecting women from future cases like these.

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