Top 10 Criminal Minds guest stars

For nine seasons, the hit CBS show Criminal Minds has brought action, adventure, tragedy and laughter to our screens as the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit profiles serial killers in order to bring justice to victims. Aaron Hotchner, JJ Jareau, Derek Morgan Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia have been the members of the team who have been around the entire time, while other characters have come and gone for various reasons. In addition to the main cast, the show has had many guest stars who have riveted our screens whether as a love interest for the character, a family member, or as a serial killer who destroys the lives of the team in one way or another.

From George Foyet, who tortured Agent Aaron Hotchner before murdering his wife, to Diana Reid, who plays the Schizophrenic mother of Doctor Spencer Reid, there have been many reoccurring characters and guest stars to come our way. Many of them have been antagonistic characters, leaving our hearts pounding as we watch them make our beloved team suffer. But others have brought us laughter and smiles as they light up our screens, making this otherwise heavy show a bit lighthearted.

The news has come that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be joining the cast as another agent, with the departure of the team’s third team member, Alex Blake. As we sit and wonder how Hewitt will fare with the rest of the seasoned BAU, takes a look back at some of the reoccurring guest stars and their characters, who have left us either shouting at them, crying unexpectedly (like me), or smiling after an otherwise rough episode. Which guest star has been your favorite on the show?

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