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Happy Madison Productions is an American production company that works with television and film. It was founded in 1999 by Adam Sandler and the company is best known for comedy. The company took its name from a combination of Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, two of Adam Sandler’s early box office successes.

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Sandler’s early success was a big part of his ability to create and sustain a production company such as Happy Madison Productions. Four films in particular were able to make this happen. Two of course being the films to make up the name Happy Madison, while the other two are The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy.

Today, Happy Madison Productions is responsible for more than 35 films. They are currently working on three films to come out by 2016 – Pixels, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and Candy Land. While most of the films haven’t received much critical acclaim, they serve their purpose in providing a good laugh. Without further ado, the top ten Happy Madison films thus far.

[new page = 10. Joe Dirt, 2001]

When David Spade is abandoned by his parents at the Grand Canyon, he grows up very strange. This film is the tale of his life and it is completely bizarre. He goes through some of the strangest happenings that a person can be faced with and he lives to tell the tale. This is a very strange film but is good for a laugh.

[new page = 9. Grown Ups 2010]

After high school a group of five friends goes their separate ways. When their high school basketball coach passes away, they are seeing each other for the first time in years. This is a very funny movie because it is easy to relate to. These men all make small lies to tell their friends to make themselves look better.

[new page = 8. Here Comes the Boom, 2012]

Kevin James was a wrestler in high school. He took his skillset to screen with Here Comes the Boom. Simply watching him wrestle is pretty funny, but the best scenes come with his trainer Nico.

[new page = 7. Click, 2006]

What would you do with a universal remote that controls reality? If you watch this film, you know what Adam Sandler would do. When he takes things too far it can get really funny and just watching how power can change somebody is hilarious in this case.

[new page = 6. Little Nicky, 2000]

This is a bizarre film about heaven and hell. When the devil’s son figures out he would rather be on earth, things get out of hand. It is the battle between good and evil with all of Adam Sandler’s good friends on the cast.

[new page = 5. The Longest Yard, 2005]

Adam Sandler is an ex-professional football player who is sent to jail for drunken driving. When he decides to put a team of inmates together to play the guards things get out of control. Chris Rock is very funny throughout the film and a lot of the cast had worked with Adam Sandler before. Overall it is a very funny and clever film.

[new page = 4. 50 First Dates, 2004]

Only Adam Sandler would meet a girl with short term memory loss. And only he would continue trying to date her day in and out although she doesn’t remember him. This is a wacky yet romantic film about love conquering all. The funniest character in the film is played by Rob Schneider.

[new page = 3. Eight Crazy Nights, 2002]

This is an animated film about the holiday season – Christmas and Hanukah. It is centered on another Adam Sandler character who lost his parents when he was very young. The character’s transformation from beginning to end is something to watch. It is also a music with very funny songs throughout.

[new page = 2. Mr. Deeds, 2002]

Mr. Deed’s lives in a small town. He knows nothing of the big city lifestyle. However, when he is assumed to be the air to a billion dollar fortune, he will have to adjust his lifestyle. This is a comedy about a man bringing small town qualities to a big city philosophy.

[new page = 1. Grandma’s Boy, 2006]

This is one of the few Happy Madison Productions that doesn’t cast Adam Sandler. It also happens to be the most vulgar. It is focused on a game designer who is forced to live with his grandmother. The entire cast is hilarious and the best scene comes with a house party thrown at the Grandmother’s house. This is also one of Jonah Hill’s first films.

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