Top 10 Katherine Heigl roles

Katherine Heigl has been under a lot of fire for her reputation of being an allegedly difficult actress recently, but the 35-year-old isn’t letting the opinions of others get to her anymore.

According to People
Magazine, among the controversy that followed her after her departure on Grey’s Anatomy in 2010 following the rumors that she was difficult to work with, Heigl believes that her husband and two adopted daughters have changed her for the better.

"I have a deeper understanding about what really matters and whose opinion really matters," Heigl said to People. "I'm not going to lie, I'm absolutely a neurotic actor. But I'm less atwitter, and I'm less defensive, and I'm less afraid of what everybody thinks about me."

Known mostly for her roles in romantic comedies, Heigl has taken on a new genre with her most recent role as Charlie Tucker on NBC’s State of Affairs.

Although her career has shifted, she looks back fondly on her old work,
ABC News
Reports. With that being said, here is a top 10 list of Katherine Heigl's former roles.

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10. Jen Kornfeldt - Killers
Fresh out of a relationship, Jen Kornfeldt travels with her parents to france where she meets Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) with whom she hits it out with right away. After going out for drinks, Spencer reveals that he is an assassin and unhappy about being one. Jen had already passed out and did not hear the confession. The two marry and go on to live a normal life until his neighbors and coworkers begin to attack them.

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9. Laura - New Year’s Eve
Laura is a head chef and the ex girlfriend of superstar singer Daniel Jensen (played by Bon Jovi). Still hurt over their relationship Laura isn’t exactly thrilled to see him when he shows up to the kitchen she’s working at to apologize. Eventually the two rekindle their old flame.

[ new page = Stephanie Plum - One for the Money ]

8. Stephanie Plum - One for the Money
Stephanie plum is newly divorced and unemployed. In an act of desperation she turns to her cousin Vinnie for a bail bonds job despite her inexperience. Things take a turn when her assignment is to track down a former police officer who is wanted for murder and who just so happens to be the guy who took her virginity and dumped her in high school.

[ new page = Lyla Griffin - The Big Wedding ]

7. Lyla Griffin - The Big Wedding
Lyla is the groom-to-be’s sister who is separated from her husband. After it is revealed that she is pregnant, her husband shows up to her brother’s wedding and the two make up and have a daughter.

[ new page = Abby Richter - The Ugly Truth ]

6. Abby Richter - The Ugly Truth
Abby is a hopeless romantic, television producer. After coming home from a disastrous date she turns on the television to see a show called The Ugly Truth featuring Mike Chadway, who is extremely cynical about love and relationships. After getting into a heated phone call with the host, Abby is in shock when she is informed that her show could possibly be canceled and that they have turned to Chadway to bring up ratings. Eventually Mike helps Abby get her love life together, only for the two of them to have fallen for each other.

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5. Alison Scott - Knocked Up
Allison Scott is a successful career woman who has just landed a job on E!. During a celebration for her new job she meets Ben (Seth Rogen) who after a night of drinking have a one night stand. The two find that they have little to nothing in common and go their separate ways. Eight weeks later Alison finds out that she is pregnant and she and Ben are forced to put their differences aside to come to an agreement about their child on the way.

[ new page = Holly Berenson - Life As We Know It ]

4. Holly Berenson - Life As We Know It
Holly Berenson is the owner of a small bakery in Atlanta. She meets Eric Messer after their friends set them up on a blind date that went terribly wrong. Things take a sudden turn when the friends that set them up get into a tragic car accident after their baby’s birthday and named Holly and Eric joint guardians of the little girl on their will. The two must put their differences aside and move into the home to care for baby Sophie, although soon they find that they really are a family together.

[ new page = Jane Nichols - 27 Dresses ]

3. Jane Nichols - 27 Dresses
Jane Nichols is the perfect wedding planner. She lives and breaths weddings, the kind of wedding planner that will not only get your dress fitted for you, but will also hold it for you if you have to pee. That is, until her sister gets engaged to the man that she’s in love with.

[ new page = Isabel Evans - Roswell ]

2. Isabel Evans - Roswell
Isabel Evans is one of three teenage alien-human hybrids who arrived in Roswell, New Mexico in the crash of 1947. She and her brother Max and best friend Michael came out of the pods at the crash site years after the crash and had since attempted to adjust to a normal human life. Isabel is known to have one of the strongest personalities of the three and is often referred to as the Christmas Nazi during the holidays. She was popular in high school and often misunderstood because of her desire to be completely normal.

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1. Izzie Stevens - Grey’s Anatomy
Probably one of Katherine Heigl's most well known roles is Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy from 2005-2012.

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