Top 10 #TimHowardCouldSave tweets

United States soccer goalkeeper Tim Howard has made quite a splash with his performance in the World Cup this year. He capped the tournament off with a 16-save performance in the U.S.’s match in the Round of 16. Though the Americans fell to Belgium 2-1 in this contest, Howard recorded the most saves in a World Cup game since 1966. This feat has left many people in awe. As a way of paying homage to Howard, they have come up with innovative concepts of things that Howard can save. They have taken to the Internet to share their ideas. One of the most popular trends is the hashtag #TimHowardCouldSave. Some of the tweets show Howard being the hero in movies, such as The Lion King, Bambi, Jaws and Independence Day. Other images depict Howard saving the day on historical tragedies. This list includes saving the sinking of the Titanic and deflecting the planes from the Sept. 11 attacks. Here is a ranking of the top 10 #TimHowardCouldSave tweets:

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10. Janet Jackson
At the Super Bowl in 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake made headlines when their halftime performance featured a wardrobe malfunction. This picture is from @Texasbrits .

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9. Birth Control
Sometimes the best way to prevent starting a family is to enlist the help of a soccer goalie. This picture is from @ bozeAK .

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8. The Lion King
With Howard’s help, Musafa would not have fallen victim to Scar. This picture is from @rozyroziroze.

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7. Bambi
Bambi’s mother could have been saved with the help of Howard. This picture is from @DarrenTY .

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6. Jaws
Beware of the water, unless you’re swimming with Howard. This picture is from @twinny2u .

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5. Independence Day
When aliens attack, call Howard. This picture is from @MrJakeMiller .

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4. Michael Jordan’s shot
Michael Jordan made one of the most clutch shots in NBA Finals history to sink the Utah Jazz, but he did not have Howard playing defense on the play. This picture is from @TlMHOWARD .

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3. Kanye West
Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. This picture is from @IchiroBass .

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2. The Titanic
Howard saving the Titanic would have made for an even better movie. This picture is from @bradleyroehrig .

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1. World Trade Center
Howard would be an even bigger American hero with this save. This picture is from @FootyAwayDays_.

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