'Tyrant' recap: 'Hail Mary'

The last episode of Tyrant, “Sins of the Father,” left the audience on a cliffhanger. Jamal had to choose between being a leader for his people or just being another dictator. In this episode, “Hail Mary,” supporting characters get their chance to shine. Jamal’s daughter-in-law, Nusrat, has a dark secret and Barry’s wife, Molly, lets her caring side show. As usual, Jamal and Barry hold the most screen time and have their brotherly bond tested. Will Jamal listen to his brother or make the same mistakes his father made?

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Barry along with Fauzi and his daughter, Samira, set up a meeting with Ihab Rashid. Their plan is ask him peacefully to retreat from the square before forces attack and kill innocents. Ihab is waiting at a cafe with some bodyguards and Samira while Barry is outside with Fauzi. Barry decides to call off the meeting saying he needs to do something bigger to have Ihab listen. When he finds out through Samira, Ihab leaves in a rage.
John Tucker, who is from the states, meets with Barry warning him of the dangers they are getting into. Barry’s plan is to reach out to Ihab’s dangerous father who is exiled. Tucker’s job is to make sure Barry is safe and doesn’t want to take him back to America dead.

Barry turns to his wife Molly telling her the fact that Jamal gave him 24 hours to find a peaceful way to clear the square. Molly becomes worried and doesn’t want to lose Barry but Barry wants to save the people. They have an argument and he leaves to meet with Ihab’s father.

The plan is for John Tucker to come along but when Father Rashid’s people come they only want Barry. They take Barry and cover his face with a bag. They already look like dangerous people and that Barry might be in over his head. Once he gets to Rashid, one of Rashid’s men try to stab Barry but is shot. Rashid points out that Barry is surrounded by enemies and the guy who tried to kill Barry had his family killed by the Al Fayeeds. Barry and Rashid talk and Barry has some serious convincing on his part. When John Tucker picks up Barry, Barry tells him that Rashid will not help.


Before her fight with her husband, she finds her maid sneaking around in the bathroom. Molly finds out the maid is trying to stay meds for a dying brother. Molly wants to help but the maid is scared. She can’t take her brother to a hospital because of his situation so Molly asks to see this man.
Molly is a doctor and is able to diagnose the maid’s brother. She insists that he gets medical attention. Instead of going to the hospital, they call an ambulance. At first, they won’t take the man because he is wanted but Molly uses her last name to get their help. This could possibly come back and hurt Molly.


Nusrat, Ahmed’s wife, has been avoiding her husband. She has not given herself up sexually to Ahmed and he is getting impatient. While helping her husband’s grandmother, Jamal comes up to Nusrat stating that he feels a grandson inside of Nusrat. She looks scared. She retreats back to her parents’ house and her husband tracks her down. Nusrat’s father turns him away and confronts his daughter about why she is hiding. She lets him know her secret. She is carrying Jamal’s baby.

Nusrat’s father meets with Jamal and his wife, Leila, asking as nice as possible for a divorce. Leila demands a reason but Nusrat’s father will not say. Jamal takes him to a shooting range where he threatens him. Nusrat’s father will not back down and as a result, is shot in the arm by Jamal.
Nusrat’s secret is save but she is still with the AL Fayeed family.

Jamal/the ending

The whole episode, Jamal goes back and forth between watching the Gaddafi’s death march. Jamal wants to trust Barry but his Uncle, General Tariq, manages to get Jamal on his side. Jamal tells Tariq to raid the square. After Barry’s talk with Ihab’s father, Tucker shows Jamal the news on the square. Ihab’s father makes an appearance after all. He tells the square that he will meet with Jamal. Barry tells Jamal that it is the best way but Tariq wants to continue the raid. The episode ends with Jamal telling Tariq to retreat from the square.

In the end, the brother’s stick together but will their bond stay this close? What will become of Nusrat when they learn her secret? Did Molly make the right choice to get involved? Stacks are high and tensions are rising, be sure to catch Tyrant on FX every Tuesday night at 10 p.m.

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