Universal scrapped 'Fast & Furious 7' race scene over crash fears

Universal reportedly decided at the last minute to scrap a racing scene for Fast & Furious 7 over worries it would be too dangerous.

Sources involved with the film spoke exclusively with TMZ and said the scene was just about ready to go when the movie studio decided that if another crash happened, it could hurt the film.

The scene was set to be filmed at the Willow Springs International Raceway, which is located less than an hour from where late series star Paul Walker died late last year. Producers had "authentic street racers" brought in and after several days of prep, it was ultimately pulled.

Sources say the scene in question was similar to one that occurred in the original film that spawned the franchise where at the start of a race one car pops a wheelie before the adoring crowd.

Producers have claimed that the reason was not due to worries of another crash, but rather that proper insurance wasn't obtained.

Filming on Fast & Furious 7 wrapped this week in a Facebook post featuring a picture of Vin Diesel sitting on a guardrail with the city behind him.

The post also featured the caption, "There was a time when we didn't know how we would go on, or even if we should" after the loss of Walker, but Diesel helped pull everyone together to finish the film. "Our family is big and strong but it won't ever quite be whole again without Paul."

image courtesy of INFphoto.com

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